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We had our MENA MAJLIS meeting

We had our MENA MAJLIS meeting and conversation after a pleasant iftar with friends who do business in software and technology from Syria, Palestine, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and CIO friends from Turkey. Our topics were primarily Palestine, and generally what can be done in the hashtagIT sector domestically and abroad. Our sponsor was RAID BADER, our dataliva company owner. One of the topics we talked about is that, as CIO Group, we plan to hold separate promotional days after Ramadan, in order to get to know our software companies and the products they produce, with the sponsorship of the relevant companies and with the participation of our interested CIO friends. We would like to thank Mustafa Kugu and Mr. Raid for organizing the night.

Mamoun Besaiso
Nadir Ansari
Rasheed Hamwi
Dr. Lütfi ŞimşeK
Erkan Özkan
Yucel Aktas
Umut Yumuşak
İsmail B.
Tamim Maaz
Ammar Issa
Ashraf Alshawwa

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